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January Guide 2022 – Defend and invest your technology strategy for 2022

Did you get a short break at Christmas? Even if it was just a few days, that break can give you a clear mind about where to take your business this year.

We call this the January Refresh & Refocus.

Let us tell you the two technology areas that will be the most important in 2022. They are Defend and Invest.

Defend is about protecting your business from cyber criminals. We believe cyber-crime is going to rise again this year, to levels never seen before.

Invest is about making sure technology is powering your business forward, not holding it back.

Our new guide looks at both these areas in detail.

December Guide 2021 – Cheap IT support could financially ruin your business

We’ve all been there. Tempted by something that seems to be a steal but then turns out to be a cheap knock-off or falls apart, or it’s never delivered in the first place.

Saving a few $$$ turns out to deliver low value.

The same goes for the things you buy for your business. Unfortunately, especially when it comes to your business, IT support provider, choosing a cut-price version could come back to bite you.

A lot goes into business IT support, as you probably already know. As well as setting up and maintaining the infrastructure, there’s monitoring for any potential issues, maintaining your network and systems, and keeping everything updated and patched when it needs to be.


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