We provide IT support and solutions to help grow your business.

From the initial strategic planning and analysis through implementation and ongoing IT support, CSTG provides a full spectrum of end-to-end support services.

Friendly Support

CSTG won’t baffle you with tech jargon, we’ll keep it real, and we’ll keep it honest, offering you the support and protection you need to reach the goals you have. We care about your business, and we are dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes with the IT support they deserve.

No Hidden Costs

We understand the financial demands that are on your business. So with CSTG support, you can choose a fixed fee option for your support, keeping surprises for your IT and your budget on target.

Your Time

Focus on what you love. Don’t lose sales or billable hours sorting out IT problems. You can leave your IT needs to us so you can stick to your client deadlines and spend more time with your family.

Client Testimonials

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    Imagine coming back from vacation and discovering $12,000 had been stolen from your business bank account…

    The book “Hijack?” shows you how to protect your business from phishing attacks.

    It is written from the point of view of a business owner named David, whose business is targeted by a phishing email.

    You will be horrified to discover how easily he was hacked.

    The book is an essential read for every business owner and manager. It explains complicated cybersecurity concepts in a way that anyone can understand.

    It also reveals that these days, every business can be hacked.