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Unleash your business potential with limitless, next-gen Microsoft Azure cloud services

Cloud platforms provide scalable computing resources, the latest high-performance software, and streamlined system management, all while cutting costs. CSTG is ready to give you an edge with Microsoft Azure, the world’s most advanced and secure cloud platform.

Our Azure experts can customize, host, and manage your cloud services based on your requirements. You can improve productivity, efficiency, agility, and customer service from optimized networking to virtual computing capabilities to business app customization. And with our swift migration, you’ll be able to quickly leverage:

  • Secure and seamless remote working from anywhere, on any device
  • Always available infrastructure and data
  • Faster, more in-depth analytics and insights
  • On-demand scalability, so users and clients always have the best experiences
  • And much more


Rest easy and focus on your business, knowing that CSTG keeps your Azure solutions always on, up-to-date, secure, and compliant.

With enterprise-level solutions at small business prices, you can enjoy the following:

  • Flexibility – alter services and features based on your changing needs and goals
  • Cost reductions – pay for only what you need while minimizing hardware and software purchase and maintenance expenses
  • Seamless integration – Azure supports countless apps, databases, frameworks, devices, operating systems, and IT environments
  • Best-in-class security – threat intelligence, strict user access controls, automatic updates and patches, and more keep your systems and data safe 24/7
  • Easy app management – life cycle management for your apps, including support, maintenance, testing, and migration
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery – automatic backups, off-site replications, rolling reboots, and more to keep systems online during any incident