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October Video 2020 – The COVID scams that steal your data

There have been some shocking online scams in the last six months. Cyber-criminals have taken advantage of the global pandemic. We don’t want your business to be another Cyber Crime victim. Our new video shows you the scams you and your team should watch out for both at work and at home.


September Video 2020 – Take our 60-minute security challenge

We’re the local data security experts. And one of the things our team prides itself on is quickly finding ways that hackers could damage your business. If you give us just 60 minutes, we’re confident we’d find something wrong with your IT setup that places your data security at risk.


July Video 2020 – How to protect your data from ransomware

Have you heard of malware? That’s scary enough – but have you also heard of ransomware? It’s where criminals lock you out of your data, and you have pay to get access to it again. Our new video has three ways you can protect your business from ransomware.


June Video 2020 – How SharePoint makes remote working easier

Right now we’re all looking at hybrid setups. The perfect technology that allows you to collaborate and work efficiently, whether you’re working from home or at your workplace. We think SharePoint could be the perfect solution for your business. And we’ve created this new video to tell you why.


May Video 2020 – Preparing to return to your workplace

The lockdown is still in force right now. But have you started planning, for when your staff can return to the workplace? We all know it’s going to happen at some point. And it’ll probably be phased in. So the more you plan now and take action, the easier it will be for your business. There are three key points to consider.


April 2020 Video – Keep your data safe when staff use their own devices

Because we have to work from home, for now, your team is probably using their own devices.

Which is fine… so long as your business’s data security isn’t compromised in any way.

That’s a big ask, especially if your staff is sharing their devices with other members of the family.

We’ve created a brand new video highlighting seven golden rules for keeping your business’s data safe.


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