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Tech Tips Video – Why you need a business continuity plan

Technology has reached a point where it’s critical to virtually all businesses… but is constantly under attack. How long could your business survive without any internet access or even your data? A day? A week? Would you still have a business in a month? Our new video explores how easily “business as usual” can be disrupted and why you need to be fully prepared with a business continuity plan.

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Tech Tips Video – 3 ways to become a paperless office

Of course, you’ve heard of the cloud. And that lots of businesses are embracing it. But maybe you’ve never really understood what it is and what the benefits are. The reality is, you’re probably already using the cloud in parts of your business. Our new video explains what it is and whether you should fully embrace it.

August Guide 2021 – 10 apps you didn’t know you had in Microsoft 365

Boost productivity, save time and improve customer experience
Most people see Microsoft 365 as the place to access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. But there’s so much more to it than that. There are so many apps bundled in that whatever productivity problem you have in your business right now, the answer could be within 365. Get our new guide. And we’ll tell you about 10 useful Microsoft 365 apps you didn’t even know you already had.


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