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    Microsoft 365 provides a secure, customizable digital workspace that boosts employee productivity and efficiency

    Successful businesses must have streamlined yet agile operations in today’s marketplace, protected by advanced cybersecurity. Achieving and maintaining this for improved business outcomes is easier than you might think with Microsoft 365 from CSTG.

    The most up-to-date licenses, software, and features you need will be streamlined into the cloud and optimized by our experts, so your employees can work seamlessly and securely from any location on any device. And with our swift migration, you can benefit from improved productivity, efficiency, flexibility, and system management from day one.


    CSTG will set up, deploy, and fully manage everything in your Microsoft 365 environment, so you can enjoy all the benefits without lifting a finger.

    Microsoft 365 from CSTG lets you:

    • Easily scale the number of users as you grow, and mix and match the apps you need
    • Work and collaborate on all files and programs from any location or device with any operating system.
    • Eliminate significant upfront software costs, maintenance fees, and paying for unnecessary services or features
    • Seamlessly integrate hundreds of third-party programs

    The features of our Microsoft 365 service include the following:

    • Microsoft 365 – The latest cloud versions of all your productivity apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams
    • Business Essentials – Leverage cutting-edge tools for mobile device management, teamwork, CRM, cloud storage, and more
    • Highly Secure Access – Best-in-class security features and regular updates that protect your systems, data, and devices from any cyber threat 24/7/365