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July Newsletter 2023

Could better tech be the answer you’ve been looking for?
The new security update to OneNote
Should you report a cyber-attack?
Goodbye to Teams backgrounds (kind of)

Microsoft, Newsletter

June Newsletter 2023

Thinking of moving to a smaller office? Or going fully remote?
Microsoft 365 adds a security boost to its print function
Are you asking ChatGPT the right questions?
Windows 11’s new snipping tool

Microsoft, Newsletter

May Newsletter 2023

Do your people use their phones for work?
Microsoft 365 supports more flexible working hours
Could ‘Edge flags’ improve your browsing experience?
Don’t waste money on unused software licenses


April Newsletter 2023

Microsoft Teams releases a new messaging feature and a major new update
Make Chrome extensions work the way you want them to
Beware of fake software ads
What is all the fuss about Chat GBT?


March Newsletter 2023

• Microsoft Teams releases a new calling feature
• Automate tasks in Excel
• Are you getting feedback from your people?


February Newsletter 2023

• Massive Teams meetings are about to get easier
• Why ‘123456’ is still the most common password
• Two-thirds of CIOs plan to digitize their workplace


January Newsletter 2023

Outlook’s improving its mobile notifications
Does it matter which web browser you use? (Clue: Yes!)
How to check your Chrome security settings


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