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Why Cyber Insurance?

Breaches, malware, bots, viruses, and ransomware make regular appearances in the headlines and cost businesses millions of dollars while damaging reputations and shaking consumer confidence.

Tech Tips Video – The biggest business crime in the US

Criminals are targeting YOUR business right now. The fact is they are targeting all businesses, all the time.

And they can do so from the comfort of their homes. That’s what makes cyber-crime the biggest business crime in the US. In our new video, you won’t believe just how many cyber-crimes were committed last year.

November Guide 2020 – 4 signs you’re under attack from ransomware

4 signs you’re under attack from ransomware

A ransomware attack is one of the terrifying things that can happen to your business.

This is a computer attack where a hacker locks you out of your systems and data. And you must pay a ransom, typically in Bitcoin, to get access again.

What most people don’t realize is that hackers access your system weeks before they launch the attack. It takes time for them to set it up and prevent IT, security experts, from helping.

So, there are some signs to look out for.  There are ways to spot if your system has already been breached and an attack is imminent.

Download our brand new guide and know how to keep your business safe.

Tech Tips Video – Can we train your staff to resist hackers?

You can have the best security setup with the most up-to-date software, and STILL, hackers can get access to your system. How? Through your staff. Hacking isn’t just about computers. There’s also an element of social engineering.
Here’s why you should invest in training your people to make your people more aware of what they should be looking out for.

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August Guide 2020 – It’s the fastest growing crime on the planet… but what does ransomware mean to you?

Ransomware is terrifying. Just terrifying. Imagine switching on your work computer one morning. And instead of the screen you normally see, the screen has gone totally red. There’s a message telling you your business’s data has been locked. And the only way to get it back is to pay thousands in Bitcoin. This is not a rare event. It happens to businesses around here every day. Every business is at risk. And it’s one of the hardest things for us as your IT support company to fix. We’ve written a brand-new guide. It tells you how to protect your business and dramatically reduce your chances of being attacked.


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