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Tech Tips Video

Tech Tips Video – Should your business be cloud-based?

Of course, you’ve heard of the cloud. And that lots of businesses are embracing it. But maybe you’ve never really understood what it is and what the benefits are. The reality is, you’re probably already using the cloud in parts of your business. Our new video explains what it is and whether you should fully embrace it.

Tech Tips Video

Tech Tips Video – Teams: Immersive and inclusive

These days, when a team member loses their cell phone, it isn’t just an inconvenience. It can also leave your business’s data vulnerable to thieves. Our new video shows you a safety check you should do now; to help protect your data in the future.

Lists: Making collaboration easier

We all know the power of a good to-do list. And if you use Microsoft 365, you have access to Lists. It’s a powerful tool that integrates with other apps you and your team already use. Here’s the lowdown on Lists.


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