Are your younger employees experiencing ‘tech shame’?

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Younger Employees

Gen Z and even some Millennial employees seem less tech-savvy than many employers might expect. It’s an assumption leading to a sense of ‘tech shame.’

Younger workers may have grown up using Snapchat, TikTok, and Minecraft, but they’re not always equipped with the skills they need to adapt to the workplace.

A recent study has found that one in five employees aged 18 to 29 feel judged when they encounter technical issues at work. That’s compared to just one in 25 employees aged 40 or over.

The solution may lie in providing better training for younger colleagues and first-jobbers, but for the whole team. Some Gen Z workers may have started their careers during the pandemic. That means they will never have experienced anything other than a digital working environment, primarily if they work remotely or in a hybrid role.

As well as fixing any skill gaps, whole-team training can provide a much-needed confidence boost for young employees.

Another consideration is the provision of tools and devices your team has access to – especially if they’re working remotely.

Younger workers with less available income to spend on home office equipment may be less likely to speak up if they struggle.

Simply checking in with employees – particularly if they’re not in the office – can significantly impact their engagement, productivity, and confidence. If there are any issues, big or small, find a way to put them right, and you’ll notice a positive shift in the whole business.

We’re here when you need us if you’d like advice about tech shame or help with training, boosting efficiency, or sourcing equipment. Just get in touch.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.