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CSTG Monthly Video

May Video 2020 – Preparing to return to your workplace

The lockdown is still in force right now. But have you started planning, for when your staff can return to the workplace? We all know it’s going to happen at some point. And it’ll probably be phased in. So the more you plan now and take action, the easier it will be for your business. There are three key points to consider.

April 2020 Video – Keep your data safe when staff use their own devices

Because we have to work from home, for now, your team is probably using their own devices.

Which is fine… so long as your business’s data security isn’t compromised in any way.

That’s a big ask, especially if your staff is sharing their devices with other members of the family.

We’ve created a brand new video highlighting seven golden rules for keeping your business’s data safe.


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