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    We fully believe that your IT infrastructure must operate efficiently and effectively for your business to thrive. We make your technology our top priority so you can focus on achieving your business objectives.

    Every business has unique technology needs and we approach each client differently. After discussing your IT challenges, we’ll recommend innovative solutions to help you overcome those challenges. Then, we will implement robust solutions to your IT infrastructure so you work with greater efficiency, deliver more client demands, and strengthen your bottom line.

    With a proven track record of providing world-class technical support services to organizations since 1986.

    No matter whether you’re a dental practice, in the legal industry, a government office, or any other small or medium-sized business, we’ll implement the strategies and provide the support that your company needs. We’ll make your life simpler by coordinating and managing all your technical solutions and vendors and proactively manage your network – giving you the ability to focus on running your business.

    CSTG is the company you can trust to provide IT project management and ongoing service and support for all your networking needs.

    Find out how we can help your business grow.

    Mark Gengenbach, Founder & President

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    We are passionate about leveraging technology to solve business problems for our clients.